The Full Version Baby Pool!

In addition to all the features that come with the free version, for $19.95 and a 14-day money back guarantee*, with the full version you can:

  • Have an email sent to you whenever a new guess is entered or someone posts to the message board!
  • Post hints on the guess page to help people make their guesses! (birth stats for the parents/siblings, already know the gender, etc.)
  • Choose to increase the security of your game by requiring player registration!
  • Specify the number of guesses each player can make!
  • Easily send email updates to all participants!

in addition to receiving the features highlighted below!

And last but not least:

  • Put a dynamic banner on your own website or forum posts! It will keep you and your friends up-to-date on the status of your game and link directly to your game page! Here is an example:

Return to the previous page or go to the registration page to get started!

(*Finishing the game by entering the birth information cancels any remaining time in the guarantee)

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