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An ExpectNet baby pool is a place where expectant parents and invited guests can guess the gender, weight, length, and birthdate and time of the new baby! The basic game is free, and among the features shown below, it includes:

  • Set the game up for one baby, twins, or triplets!
  • Choose English or metric units!
  • Lock the game so that no more guesses or changes are allowed as the due date approaches!

Unlock the full potential of your baby pool by upgrading to the full version!

Once the baby is born, those guesses are compared to the birth stats to determine an overall winner and a winner in each category. Penalty points are assigned depending on how far the guess is from the actual value. To calculate a player's overall rank, the points from each category are totalled. Points are assigned as follows, however they can be changed by the game host:

  • incorrect gender: 400 points
  • birth date & time: 5 points/hour
  • weight: 5 points/ounce or 0.2 points/gram
  • length: 10 points/inch or 4 points/centimeter

The winner is the person with the fewest points. This is one of many possible methods of calculating an overall winner. For a game with multiple births, an overall winner is calculated for each baby.

In order to host a new game you have to register. You will have an Account Page where you can set up and monitor games that you host, and/or monitor your guesses in other people's games. Each game consists of a Game Page that shows all the guesses that have been entered and calculates the results after the birth. If you host a game, you will also have a Game Control page that allows you to change the game settings including how many guesses participants can enter, whether English or metric units are used, and what the game greeting contains.

Go to the registration page to get started, or see what the full version is all about!

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