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Your privacy is important to us! Why? Because we use the internet too, and we hate it when web sites give our information to third parties! When you set up a game or are asked by a game host to register before entering a guess, we collect certain information to make the game work. Below, you will find a list of the information we collect and how it is used. Any information that you provide will never be given, rented, or sold to third parties and it will be erased from our databases when you delete your account or all games that you have participated in have been deleted (whichever happens first).

If you set up a game

  • Your email address - This is used as your login ID. It may be used by ExpectNet if we need to contact you about issues concerning your account.
  • A password - This enables you to log into your account.
  • A game name - This is a password that you make up to give to prospective participants in your game. With this password, they can log into ExpectNet and be taken directly to your game page.
  • The baby's due date - The due date will be available to the participants in your game to be used as a clue when they are making their guesses.
  • How many babies the mother is expecting - Guesses can be entered for each baby.
  • Optional - The name of the expectant mother and father - These are displayed on your game page, indicating to participants who the game belongs to.
  • Optional - The baby shower date - This simply serves as an announcement or reminder to game participants.
  • Optional - City, state, country where the baby's parents live - Will show up on the Recent Births table on the home page. It might also show up on the Most Guesses table if the game has a lot of guesses.

If you enter a guess

  • Your name - Shows up in the game table so people know who entered the guess.
  • Your email address (optional or required) - Allows you to receive updates and a birth announcement from the host. The host may choose to require an email address for increased game security.
  • Optional - A password - This enables you to edit your guess at a later date if the host allows it.
  • Optional - City, state, country where you live - Shows up in the game table so people know where you're from.
  • Optional - A phrase describing how you know the parents - This is displayed on the game table to make the game more fun!

Logging Out

If you are accessing ExpectNet.com from a shared or public computer, we suggest that you close your web browser after you have logged out of ExpectNet and finished any other web surfing you may do. This will help ensure the privacy of your account and any games you are hosting or participating in.

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